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    Application Form.


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    Application Form.

    Post  ƒørV£rt™« on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:14 pm

    >->: Ingame Name?

    >->:Previous Names?

    >->:Age/Real Name/Country?

    >->:Former Clans?

    >->:Reason for leaving the last clan?

    >->:Why do you chose Sc (who recruted you)?

    >->:How long are you playing SWRC and how acitve are you now?

    >->:Did you read the rules and understand them?

    >->:xFire (get it here )?

    >->:Do you have a Headset (if not get one soon)?

    >->:Information about you and your gaming style (try to write 20 words).


    We the Leadership wish you best of Luck for your Application Smile

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